Autovisie is one of the biggest carnews sites in the netherlands. For this project we focussed on the article page. The bouncerate was high on article pages. While doing a redesign we've added multiple components to keep readers on the website.
Autovisie Articlepage Redesign by Milan Houter
Articlepage when scrolled
Fixed breadcrumbs bar when scrolling down. Regular header comes back when scrolling up again. There's also a bottombar showing articles that are relevant revealing after hitting 60% of the article.
Autovisie Articlepage When Scrolled Redesign by Milan Houter
Articlepage when at bottom
The bar on the left adds motivation & gamification to finish your read. It fills up while scrolling through the article. At the end of the article the line turns into a checkbox to mark the article as read ;) 
Autovisie Articlepage When At Bottom Redesign by Milan Houter
Articlepage on Mobile
With less real estate we removed several (luxury) elements. Breadcrumbs are gone. The "read indicator" is not here aswell. The "links" inbetween the article are a horizontal scroll element on mobile. Which makes just 1 item visible when you scroll vertically through the article.
Autovisie Articlepage Redesign Mobile by Milan Houter

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